Wrapped and ready to send..

Well today was Valentines day and sad to say I did not even realise till lunch time I was so busy.  Obviously no bunch of flowers arrived to remind me earlier!!  "Commercialised rubbish" says him in doors... but for those of you who do recognise it... Happy Valentines day.

Tomorrow is post day so here is a selection of what will be enclosed.... don't panic if yours is not here, I am still working on a number of orders and will have another trip to the post office later in the week.

 This owl family is flying off to Switzerland.
 Freya will be heading down to the South Island
 Mia and Arran share a room, so this is for their door in Edinburgh
 Wyatts family is off to the USA
and I finally figured out how to hang 'Blinky' so he is off to his new home with Finn in Barbados.

xx Ria xxx


  1. Now that is worldwide! That little monkey for Mia & Arran is very cute.

  2. They are all so cute....my favorite is the whale!!!


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