Cold Turkey on Owls

I have really got the Owl bug, seems to be all I think about these days... so I have decided to take a break. Not before I list these three cuties though :)

Meet Blinky.....

Meet Poppet...
and finally Pickles.
Listed at my Felt and Etsy shops.
xx Ria xx

Completed Creations!

Wow, what a busy week it has been... I thought I would post a few pics of completed creations.

This is a custom bird version of my 'Rainbow Owls' wall hanging. This was to match a very pretty nursery linen for a little boy named Evans... still to be born.

Jacob will have the above name banner adorning the nursery door awaiting his arrival in 10 weeks time....

Miss Eliana is turning 2 and will be receiving this green name banner that made me crave apples the whole time I was sewing it!!
And lastly a wedding pillow to match the bridesmaids who will be wearing a beautiful midnight blue...

I will be busy wrapping these tonight ready for tomorrows post, and then I think a day off to take Maisie out to enjoy a day of (hopeful) sunshine...
x Ria x

Candyfloss K

Off to a babyshower morning tea, quite fitting that it is pouring in rain!! I am lucky enough to know it is a girl and the name starts with K, so I have made this pretty letter hanger for the nursery door.

Off to get Maisie all pretty for the party...

xx Ria

Frangipani Wedding Pillow

I had a chance to finish another couple of wedding ring pillows today. One is a custom order so will not picture it till sent off and the other is a frangipani pillow. My brother got married in Rarotonga and the frangipanis were in flower, just beautiful. My inspiration for this no-fuss pillow, no silk or lace ... nice and elegantly simple, using pure wool felt and a lovely matt ribbon. I added the touch of colour using food colourings..... perfect for that island wedding!


Felt Llama & Cactus Christmas Ornament Pattern

How cute are these two! ​ Miss llama is all ruddy cheeked after delivering all her Christmas gifts.  Luckily she has her wee cactus sid...