Rainbow Owl Family - Personalised Wall Art

My newest creation is finished, who knew little feet could be such a problem. Available to order at Felt or Etsy.


Owl Mobile

I had such a late night last night... 12 midnight I got to bed, which is late for the mother of a 4 month old. I was not living it up though, no, I was tackling my newest creation... Meet my Rainbow Owl Family.

I had all sorts of fun trying to sew the owls onto the branch so it looked like they were straddling it. I finally got there and am quite pleased with the results.

I love how Mum and Baby owl are cuddling up and Dad is looking on fondly, ahhh.

I just have one dilemma... do I give them feet... what do you think? Would love you feedback!

Nice early night tonight I think, enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

Rainbow Valley

We have been having horrible weather here in the Bay today, so I have had plenty of time to finish my butterfly picture, titled 'Rainbow Valley'. I really have trouble with butterfly's, I think this is because you can not characterise them so easily.

All these bright colours make up for such a horrible day xxx

'....Something Blue...'

My newest creation was inspired by some magazine clippings given to me by Rachel, my coffee group pal, which featured pin cushions. I thought they would make lovely wedding ring pillows as I myself am not a fan of silk and lace and thats all you seem to get here in NZ. I have used a duck egg blue background as it is such a soft pretty colour and well, you always need something blue!!

Off to practice my felt flower making... the options are endless xxx
OH thanks Rachels Mum xx

Finished Something!!

Presenting my heart of hearts 'Love Heart'. Really happy with how it looks...

... with optional Swarovski heart..

or personalised for a special occasion. If you like this you will find a new listing at my shop http://www.maisie-moo.felt.co.nz/

Have a lovely relaxing weekend xxx Ria

Around in circles

I have been all over the place this week. I was given the task of creating a felt picture which had flowers and butterflies involved... I did start this, but it soon led to collage art with felt hearts and then onto different types on felt flowers (there are a lot!) And finally I was working on a wedding ring cushion today. Let just say tomorrow is down to finish at least one of these. xx

A 'Heart of Hearts' collage... not stuck down yet, still a bit wonky, just playing at the moment. But really like the texture and contrast of colours. Looking forward to finishing and framing.

The beginnings of a picture, something not quite right, but I loved the simplicity of the flowers which then lead to ....

... something borrowed, something blue... wedding ring cushions in the making.

Will hopefully be back soon with something finished.


Another New Creation

I decided to expand on 'Little Rainbow Houses' and try some Shops instead. This is the result. Hope you all like :)

Maisie's Name Banner Finished!

Happy to report that we now know which room is Maisie's. I'm so happy with how it has come out, so girly it reminds me of candy floss xx


Felt Llama & Cactus Christmas Ornament Pattern

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