Monkey has a pal

Finally finished Rhys's Monkey sign he now has a wee parrot pal.


Meet Harry the Hugging Frog...

Quick peek at what I got finished last night....  He just screams 'Hug me!'
This wee cutie is a request from a lovely customer in Australia who wanted 4 frogs as party favours for babies...  Harry is my first and I have 3 more to go.... all green, but with different expressions and tummy's.

off now to coffee group for a much needed natter with all the other mums   xxx

Cheeky Little Monkey..

We have all said it to our wee ones sometime or another... although some children fit the bill better than others and Rhys is one of them.  He is my best friends baby, well little boy now really as he has just turned one and started to walk.  I wanted to make something to fit his personality and and this is the result. 

I would love to get feedback on what you think.... do I need a little bird on top left hand corner of the branch.... or is that just my bird addiction talking?  my husband suggested a bunch of bananas but as this is not a banana tree would that not look strange?  his answer to that was 'how many blue monkeys have you seen?'... he has a point!

Happy Birthday Rhys!

xxx Thanks for looking xxx


Citrus Owls

Yes another picture of an owl family... I have had quite a run of orders on these lately... which is great, it just means that I only have pics of Owls to post :)

This one is for a little girl in the US, her mum chose the colours which are very fresh and bright.  I have included two ladybirds to represent the family's two dogs.

xxx  Have a lovely weekend!


Amazing names!!

I just love some of the wonderful names our wee ones have. Today I have wrapped three owl families... all going to little girls in the USA.

Off to the post office xxx

Felt Llama & Cactus Christmas Ornament Pattern

How cute are these two! ​ Miss llama is all ruddy cheeked after delivering all her Christmas gifts.  Luckily she has her wee cactus sid...