Hello strangers!!

So sorry for not posting sooner, just looked and it has been 6 weeks!!  I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It has been such a busy time since then, lots of babies being born yay!!

I have posted some pictures of my new hanger and mobiles that I had been commissioned to make.  I was not entirely happy with the curved wood so now have another option to choose from.. hope you like it?

This mobile was the result of a brief from a customer that went a little like this "Russian dolls in Pink and Purple with love hearts... something traditional looking but not fussy..."  This is the result

This mobile was created for a little girl who's mum wanted a calm dreamy bird mobile in pink and grey.  I really like the softness of this mobile and the pink cheeked sleeping moon.

and this is the result of a red, white and blue request for an American customer.. :)

and finally a pic of Maisie who was 2 on the 1st January.

xxx till next time
Ria xxx

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