What a week!

Well I survived three pin pricked fingers, my parents being away and being run into by a very large truck.  To elaborate... I have some new needles and am still getting used to them, hence the finger injuries.....  I never realised what a help my Mum and Dad were till they decided to take a holiday, all the more appreciated!.  And yesterday, dropping hubby off to work, we were rammed by a very large truck and trailer who 'did not see us'... it left us a little shook up and thankful for full cover insurance. 

Quite a few orders made it out though, one to the UK for Daniel, he had a Blinky made for his new bedroom door.  Grace, also in the UK has a an Owl Family to look over her and  Kathryn from Texas will be receiving her Owl and wee critter baby mobile soon too.

xxx Ria

First Flight Baby Bird Mobile ....

is flying off to the US tomorrow... I had forgotten how much work goes into this particular mobile so it has take me a few days to complete.  It looks like it will not be slowing down anytime soon either as 4 of my new Owl Mobiles have sold in the last 2 days.  Yay!  I am glad you like the design. 


Who says Monkeys should only be blue!

Another busy one this week. 

I have just completed this cute wee red cheeky monkey for Quin who was only born last week and I will be posting off two Owl Familys today, one for Maeve and one for Luke.

Off now to explore the local toy library then spend the day with Maisie's Poppy.

Have a great weekend!

Ria xx

Meet Dino... todays post

Hi all, just a quick look at what I am sending off this morning.  This dinosaur door hanging has a little beetle pal and is munching on palm leaves.

My attempt at a prehistoric beetle!!

This Owl Family is heading off to Jessica in Australia.

xx Ria

Completed today

What a productive day, with Maisie in childcare it meant I had no distractions, and got the following completed. 

(You may think I am posting things twice...
 not so, the above are for different people but with the same lovely names!)


Scarlet Parrots

Another custom order complete...  These two perky parrots are off to adorn Scarletts bedroom door in Australia.



Not the best title, but this has been the latest ailment.  I have no idea how you working mums have the time for all these baby ills. You must have the best bosses in the world!! 

I don't know about the other 'SAHM' or 'WAHM's (or what ever label you choose) but time seems so short!!    Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, I get to see my Maisie more than I would if I had stayed in full time work at 'The Bank'.  Funny though how time seems to have become the consistency of water and just keeps running though my hands.  I am studious in thinking of what to put on my 'To Do' list .... I just have to find that damn pen.

I envy all those mum's that have blogs about organising their kids rooms, random cupboard's and spaces under the stairs, it is my dream (and yes I do have dreams about 'spaces' being colour coordinated, and a label maker makes an appearance somewhere!) but my goodness where do they find the time!!

I shall leave you on that note, tonight is dancing Friday at 'Club' lounge room.....


Felt Llama & Cactus Christmas Ornament Pattern

How cute are these two! ​ Miss llama is all ruddy cheeked after delivering all her Christmas gifts.  Luckily she has her wee cactus sid...