Done and dusted.... gulp!!

Today was my last day in my 'other life' job.  It was quite strange to think that I would never be returning... quite sad in a strange way.  I made some great friendships and I will so miss the comradeship of workmates and all the gossip.  Everyone I worked with supported my decision to leave and that made it so much easier.   It feels a little against the grain to be leaving such a secure position to try and make it in the 'working from home' craft world.  Yet I feel quite excited at the prospect and have so many ideas and creations that I finally have time to work on.  The main reason for all this was to be able to spend more time with my beautiful daughter Maisie and that is what makes me really happy.

Gosh, wow I did it!! 

Big loves from Ria at Maisie-Moo

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  1. So proud of you for be 'brave' and realising that your real talents (apart from being a mum and being my fabulous bestie mate) are with Maisie Moo and I cant wait to see what new felt creations come out of your new life/ work balance. Maybe you need to blog about how to achieve ' work from home ' life. I would love to know!!! x x x


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