Sigh.......... Ahhhhhh

What a wonderful past week I've had. Maisie finally got to meet her new and only cousin after 8 months! She is only 5 days older than him but it must have been enough, as she commandeered every toy going. It was so lovely just watching them both interact... all you mums out there will know what I am on about :)

My brothers visit also coincided in a burst of Owl family orders, of which all but one have been completed and sent off to their new family's. The picture I have posted is of the family to go to a wee boy here in New Zealand. His Mum asked to keep to a colour scheme and I was really happy with the result... there is an almost retro 70's look about the colourings.

Hope you are all busy, happy and well...

Back to it x

Winter colour

I know its not very 'felt' but I wanted to share with you the view from Maisie's bedroom. On drab days like today, the colour of the next door neighbours Magnolia is so pretty and brings a smile to my face. I have tried to use it as a backdrop for some shots of two creations completed this morning.
Photography is not my forte... the whole light thing with taking photos out a window is beyond me. I do think though the birds and owls look lovely hanging in a window... maybe is summer though, not winter as it is here as it can be hard to escape condensation...

Off to cut out more owls and fish... I can say this is my least favorite part of what I do and I find it so hard to part with all my off cuts of felt. I have a mountain that needs to be sorted though, oh well a task for another day.

Have a good Sunday afternoon xx Ria xx

Baby birds first flight

I have been working on this idea for ages and today I finished my latest mobile. Yay!

I was never completely happy with my other birds so have created these new baby birds. They have over sized baby heads and are balanced just right so the slight breeze makes them bob about. Mum and Dad are sitting on the branch watching their newborns take their first flight... I do hope you like xx

I am not so happy with the photos though.. it is such a miserable day here in the Bay and there was no light, I may have to take more but I have listed this mobile in my Etsy shop with these ones.

xxx Ria

Felt Llama & Cactus Christmas Ornament Pattern

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