Baby birds first flight

I have been working on this idea for ages and today I finished my latest mobile. Yay!

I was never completely happy with my other birds so have created these new baby birds. They have over sized baby heads and are balanced just right so the slight breeze makes them bob about. Mum and Dad are sitting on the branch watching their newborns take their first flight... I do hope you like xx

I am not so happy with the photos though.. it is such a miserable day here in the Bay and there was no light, I may have to take more but I have listed this mobile in my Etsy shop with these ones.

xxx Ria


  1. sooo beautiful!wee babushka dolls would be neat or wee geishkas.

  2. Very pretty. They're lovely bright colours. I like the contrast of the plain bright felt with the patterned fabric

  3. LOVELY!!!! You are very talented :-) Just going to join your blog if i can find the link :-) You might like our softie swap :-) kind regards


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