Not the best title, but this has been the latest ailment.  I have no idea how you working mums have the time for all these baby ills. You must have the best bosses in the world!! 

I don't know about the other 'SAHM' or 'WAHM's (or what ever label you choose) but time seems so short!!    Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, I get to see my Maisie more than I would if I had stayed in full time work at 'The Bank'.  Funny though how time seems to have become the consistency of water and just keeps running though my hands.  I am studious in thinking of what to put on my 'To Do' list .... I just have to find that damn pen.

I envy all those mum's that have blogs about organising their kids rooms, random cupboard's and spaces under the stairs, it is my dream (and yes I do have dreams about 'spaces' being colour coordinated, and a label maker makes an appearance somewhere!) but my goodness where do they find the time!!

I shall leave you on that note, tonight is dancing Friday at 'Club' lounge room.....


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