Big news!

Wow! what a week.  Monday was very emotional, what with putting Maisie into full time childcare, which resulted in lots of tears (not from Maisie!). This was due to the fact my maternity leave was over and  I was returning to my full time, other life job in banking. 

Yesterday was my first day back and I must say it was great to see all my old work pals, but I can't say I enjoyed the fact I would be missing out on seeing my beautiful daughter play and grow daily.  So today, my second day back, resulted in my resignation being tendered and I am now officially a full time mum.  Quite a scary, yet exciting concept which means Maisie-Moo Felt Creations will receive more attention too. 

In the last 6 months I have seen Maisie-Moo Felt Creations grow and I have had great pleasure in creating nursery art for customers from all over the globe.  To be able to continue creating and hopefully grow my little business will enable me to 'have it all' and be able to spend more time with Maisie and my family.

This means in two weeks time I am officially back and my Felt and Etsy shops will be up and running again.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends and lovely customers who have made this possible.

Big loves Ria at Maisie-Moo



  1. Congratulations at being ready to go for it with your business!! I think it's a great thing being at home for your little one and wish you all the success you deserve!

    Jane xx

  2. Congratulations! How wonderful for you that you are able to enjoy those precious first few years with your wee girl. I'm also a full time Mum and although money is tight I absolutely wouldn't miss out on the first five years of each of my children's lives for any amount of money.

    I love your felt creations - they are so colourful and the perfect addition to a babys or kids room :)

  3. congratulations!
    good luck, and Im sure you have tonnes of fun!


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