Finished Something!!

Presenting my heart of hearts 'Love Heart'. Really happy with how it looks...

... with optional Swarovski heart..

or personalised for a special occasion. If you like this you will find a new listing at my shop

Have a lovely relaxing weekend xxx Ria


  1. Hi Ria.

    I just saw this just listed on Felt - I love it!!! Very tempted to get my Mum one...

    Do you mind if I ask where you get the frames from?

    Emma :)

  2. Hi Emma,

    These are from a professional frame makers in Tauranga. Luckily my husband has close links with them and I can get the frames at a reasonable rate. To pay retail would mean my pictures would be considerably more to make. Husbands come in good for something!!!

    Glad you like it, I really enjoy making them.

    Have a good weekend!

    Ria from Maisie-Moo

  3. Sweet, thanks for that - you're lucky to have that contact to get such nice looking frames without paying the earth. I've got an idea in mind to make something in a similar frame, but haven't been able to find anything cost effective enough to make it work yet.

    Have a nice week!


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