March 31, 2011

What a week!

Well I survived three pin pricked fingers, my parents being away and being run into by a very large truck.  To elaborate... I have some new needles and am still getting used to them, hence the finger injuries.....  I never realised what a help my Mum and Dad were till they decided to take a holiday, all the more appreciated!.  And yesterday, dropping hubby off to work, we were rammed by a very large truck and trailer who 'did not see us'... it left us a little shook up and thankful for full cover insurance. 

Quite a few orders made it out though, one to the UK for Daniel, he had a Blinky made for his new bedroom door.  Grace, also in the UK has a an Owl Family to look over her and  Kathryn from Texas will be receiving her Owl and wee critter baby mobile soon too.

xxx Ria

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