Felt Fox Pattern

A couple of weeks ago I launched my newest pattern, the Felt Fox.  He seems to be rather popular thus far so thought I better update my blog as I have been a tad slack of late.

So here he is Mr Felt Fox.  You will find all the details here

 xx Ria

Countdown to Christmas

I do love Christmas and so enjoy making decorations for our family tree, and a few extras to add to the shop.  It is so busy at this time of year though I limit myself to only a few designs and here they are.....

I love making these houses, it is a great way to use up some of my ginormous stash of fabric and to use my sewing machine which rarely sees the light of day. 

Meet Mr Gingerbread Fox with his tasseled red scarf all set for a snowy winter.  We do not have foxes in New Zealand or snow at Christmas, but who cares!  he is still super cute.

 and lastly, if you know my work you will know I have been making Retro Christmas Caravans for a few years now and decided on a color change this year.  The Ruby Red Retro Caravan is available in my Felt shop along with the other designs.

xxx Ria

Pegboard on a budget

I have been lusting over these pretty pegboards on Pinterest for some time now.   I was sure having one would solve all my organisational issues (mess).   I have to admit to getting a little frustrated because overseas there seemed to be websites dedicated to all the accessories you need to create these wonderfully regimented boards.  Baskets, jars and shelves designed specifically to fit into a pegboard got me (sadly) super excited.  My search here in NZ could not turn up any of these must have bits and bobs... and what I did find seemed to have a silly price.... so if you are interested in how I did it read on for details on my pegboard on a budget!

Courtesy of Pinterest

Firstly start with the pegboard itself.  I purchased mine at Carters as this is where Mr C works.  It came in a 1.2m x 2.4m length which was way more than I needed but was cost effective as I have a friend who wants the other half ( I still have a wee bit left over).   You can purchase from anywhere that sells wood and if you really want to go budget then check out TradeMe too.

Next I visited Mitre 10 where I purchased a pegboard starter pack which included spacers and screws for hanging as well as a selection of hooks $7.00.  I also got a multipack of extra hooks, just to make sure I had plenty of options - $9.00.    Lastly it was just a matter of finding baskets and containers to fit and this was relatively easy....  yay for The Warehouse.  All these baskets and sistema storage containers cost less than $10.00.  A lick of paint and a very timely visit from my Dad who hung it for me above my work desk and voila!  

Total cost was $50.00!!  NZ Dollars too :)    Once I set my mind to it the whole thing came together really quickly and I have to say it was great fun too!  

xxx  Have a great weekend


Felt Elephant Pattern - One month on!

It was just under one month ago my elephant pattern was released and in that time I have sent out over 20 PDF's!!!   I really have enjoyed creating these patterns for you and will be starting on a new one soon... just have to find the time :)  Thanks again for your support xx

What you have made with my new pattern - First Installment

Yay!  I received my first customer photo today using the Maisie Moo Airplane pattern I released last week.

I can so appreciate the time that has gone into this mobile for Mateus who lives in Portugal, a true labor of love by his mum.  I dig the colours too!

I would love to see more of your creations, please email a picture to me at maisie-moo@hotmail.co.nz

Signing off... Ria xx

Make your own Felt Airplane PDF Pattern - By Maisie Moo

Having been an expectant mum, I know how the nesting instinct kicks in and in some cases the crafting instinct does too.  Designing your new baby's nursery becomes insanely important (hormones?) and everything has to be just right!  Being able to add that personal touch, whether it be sewing a baby quilt, or painting a picture is an enjoyable, anticipatory experience.

Here at Maisie Moo we offer a large selection of custom handmade baby mobiles and nursery decor and will continue to do so.   However, having been in the business now for over 4 years I have come across many of you who would love to create something yourself, but just don't know where to start.

Introducing to you my very first DIY PDF pattern!!  Here!

You can now make your very own Felt Airplane, for use in baby mobiles, garlands, ornaments, party favors, where ever you like!   

I chose this design as it is one of my most popular. The Felt Airplane is not gender specific, can be made in unisex colours for 'sex-unknown' and it looks great in shades of pink too!  It is a no-fuss, modern design and has clear, bold, basic shapes perfect for stimulating your new baby.  Minimum craft supplies are required, with only a few pattern pieces needed.  Everything is hand sewn at a beginner level and you choose the, colours, size and how you would like to use your airplane.

I so look forward to your feedback and can't wait to see some photos of your creations.

Thank you all for supporting me in my new pattern making adventure.  xxx Ria
Click here for instant download via Etsy 

This pattern is strictly for personal use only!

For personal use only. 

Original design by Ria Crawford for Maisie Moo Felt Creations

Resale and mass-production of pattern and finished items is strictly prohibited.

Copyright - Maisie Moo Felt Creations 2014.

Maisie Moo Clouds

Clouds seem to be awfully popular at the moment, and felt is the perfect fabric to create a plump soft fluffy effect. They are perfect for a 'sex unknown' nursery.... add a splash of colour and you can coordinate with your nursery decor too.

Here are some clouds creations that have been recently completed here at Maisie Moo.  Enjoy!


January is over, time for an update

Maisie Moo has been back up and running for a month and surprisingly, I am managing.  I was a bit nervous at first as a few close friends laughed when I said I planned to continue sewing with a newborn and a pre-schooler whilst still performing my wifely duties (tongue is in cheek here).  So far so good!

The month of January saw record order numbers and over 30 creations left Maisie-Moo headquarters.  I have also had to extend my completion times out to 5 weeks.  I have been asked why this jumped up so quickly.. well it is due to having an influx of custom orders all at one time as well as taking time out for a family camping holiday during February (can't wait!).

Thank you all for your patience while I was closed and for standing by me.  My fears of being 'forgotten' were unfounded and your return custom is so appreciated.  Also thank you too, to my wonderful parents... Maisie adores her 'Nana Day' each week and without Dad and his workshop I would not have any mobile hangers. 

Following are pics of creations, old and new posted off for the month of January.

These teal and yellow elephants have already been received by Sarah in Hamilton.  Here is her feedback via Etsy - The mobile arrived safe and sound today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you so much.  - Just makes my day to get feedback like this.

I regularly get asked to match nursery colours and bedding.  This mobile was made to match 'Just Born Babywise' crib bedding.  I love how this turned out.

This is one of three fox mobiles that have been sent off to Canada this month.

 Clouds are still very popular, this Simply Cloud mobile was posted off to New York

Happy Raincloud and Flower Baby Elephants 

Everyone have a great February!

xxx Ria

Friendly Fox Nursery - Inspiration Board

 Another inspiration board... this time foxes... enjoy xx

1.     Maisie Moos own petite mobile - The Curious Fox Mobile
2.     Retro Grey Cot - Pinterest
3.     Large Monty the Fox Lambswool Plush Toy
4.     Hoop Art by Pillipilli
5.     Light Switch Cover - SSKDesigns
6.     Lamp with Fox - Zazzle.com
7.     Retro Wooden Blocks
8.     Liam the sleepy woodland Fox - Sleepy Kind

Ria xx

Baby Crawfords Room - Sneak Peek

I did not leave much time to get Baby's room ready... with only 10 days before she was due I really wanted to make a wee effort.  I found some lovely pink and grey elephant fabric and then worked around those colours.  I only have a small room for the nursery so wanted to make the most of the space.  Storage is important and I loved the idea of using the wasted space under the cot.  I could not find a valance to buy, so decided to test my (novice) machine sewing skills and attempt one myself.

I was so pleased with how the cot valance turned out.  Three hemmed pieces of fabric, a simple box pleat to join and voila the perfect storage space under the cot.  It will even adjust to all cot levels! 

I made the cot blanket in a strip quilt style, backing it with soft pink fleece. The pillow cover is made using the left over fleece and cotton fabric from the quilt.

I decided to put some of my redundant embroidery hoops to use by adding fabric and wee touches of felt.  This is a great way to break up a blank wall.  I have added some pretty bunting and even pimped up the ceiling light with pom-pom embellishments too.

I still have to make a baby mobile for above the cot, but otherwise I think we are all set!! Getting so excited.

xxx Ria

Getting excited now...

Only 3 more sleeps and baby Crawford will be here!!  Maisie is so excited at becoming a big sister and has so many plans.  She told my midwife yesterday that she will be 'dropping the baby gently' hehe. 

What does all this mean for Maisie-Moo?  well, I have put both my shops on holiday for the time being.  I expect to reopen though within the next month with my ready to send range listed.  I do not intend on taking on any custom or personalised orders until the New Year. 

If you wish to contact me, feel free... there may be a wee delay as I am not too sure how much time I will have over the next few weeks.

Thank you all

Ria xx

Busy Morning

What a beautiful spring morning it has been here in the Bay!  I was dreaming of heart magnets last night so first thing this morning, still in my dressing gown, I finally finished some I had in my 'to do' pile.  I have a thing for hearts at the moment and have decided to make a small range of magnets for my ready to send range.  These are the larger size in rainbow colours, but I intend to make smaller hearts in smaller packs... perfect for housewarming, Christmas or 'just because' gifts.

I have also included some snaps of the lemon curd Maisie and I made while waiting on our Leek and Potato soup to cook for lunch.  It is such a super easy recipe and I have been dying to use some of the lemons from our laden tree.  Made in the microwave it really is so very simple... here is the link Yum!

 Hope you have all had or a having a wonderful weekend xx

Early night.... a quick update first.

Its 8.30 and I am off to bed for an early night, yawn.  Maisie has been quite sick with an ear and throat infection which has meant a few sleepless nights.  I suppose it is good training for things to come.

I am quite pleased with how I am getting  through my list of custom orders, yay!  I expect to have all orders placed before mid July, complete by the 15th September.  Well within the 8 week completion date I advised at the time of purchase.  If you are waiting on your order to be completed, please rest assured you are my priority during my normal working hours.

I have been putting in a lot of extra overtime too, mostly at night.  This is time when I will try to create for my 'ready to send' range which you will find listed in my Felt and Etsy shops.   I will announce when I list something new on my Facebook page or if you waiting for something specific I can add you to my notification list.  Sorry it is first in first served at the moment  :)

It really will be hard to know how much time I will have with a newborn and Maisie too.  However I will be doing my best to keep on creating, especially with Christmas coming up.  I can not say when I will be reopening for custom or personalised creations though sorry.  I expect it to be in the New Year.

Thank you to all my lovely customers for your support at this very busy time xxx

Right, a wee read then off to sleep zzzzzz

Maisie Moo Hot Air Balloons

I have been so very busy over the last few months I have let my blog slip a little and in doing so have not had a chance to update with recent creations.  Therefore I thought I would do a collection of themed posts over the next few weeks.  Today is Hot Air Balloons, so very popular at the moment for both girls and boys nursery's and bedrooms.  I really enjoy making these and hope you like this wee selection.