September 22, 2011

On its way!

Chloe will have a new addition to her room...  should be arriving on Australian shores shortly.

Have a great day!

Ria xx

September 14, 2011


Up until last weekend any machine sewing I needed doing, taking up jeans, curtains etc... I would take to my mum, stand back and watch her perform what I considered a miracle.  The only experience Id ever had was on Mums sewing machine which is as old as I am (and that's pretty old!!).   Any attempt made on this evil orange monster resulted in broken needles, bunched up thread, loud strange noises.  Even one of the family's favorite story's is how I got its needle through my finger (yes right through) when I was only small.   

So yes my confession is I could not sew on a sewing machine, hand stitching has been my bag.... up until last weekend that is, when I purchased a brand spanking new sewing machine for my birthday (I always give the best presents).  It is quite beautiful... well compared to the evil orange monster and my goodness what a pleasure to sew with.  I can now fulfil that goal of making some clothes for Maisie, join the readymade curtains down the middle so there are only 2 not 4 on the lounge room ranch sliders and make a doll!!

So today I took the whole day off (hand-sewing) to sew a doll.  Using the machines booklet, a few tutorials on different stitches and a fair bit of unpicking I am starting to learn and this is the result!

What do you think?


P.S.  All Maisie-Moo Felt Creations will continue to be hand stitched... as much as I enjoy the machine, nothing compares to the detail and result of hand stitching on felt.


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